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Are you in a transition

  Are you in a Transition? Is it starting to affect your finances? A transition is a passage from one form or state to another. Our lives are filled with transitions–some small, some large. Small ones happen on a daily basis as we move from one activity to the next or even from one state of mind to the next. Big ones are spoken of in more dramatic language: We may find ourselves at a crossroads, passing over a threshold,…

September 20, 2011
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Budgeting thoughts and basic steps

‘Budgeting’ has been on my mind lately 🙂 These days, I like to refer to budgeting as a ‘Map of Intention’, an ‘Intentional Budgeting Process’ or just ‘Creating a Plan for our Goals’.  Some people like to call it a ‘Spending Plan’, but, to me, that leaves out some of the other important parts of our planning that include our current income goals, saving goals, giving goals, etc. I now see ‘budgeting’ as an ongoing process that I have a…

May 31, 2010
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7 Mini Exercises to Help you Determine Your Value & Fees

7 Mini Exercises to Help you Determine Your Value & Fees 1. Do the simple body-gut check in and see what number you get- for your hourly fee… Explore that a bit through fantasizing about charging for that, wrestling with your inner de-valuer, just going out and asking for that fee, or doubling that fee, etc.  Experiment here. Do some work with a therapist or a dear friend who can support and challenge you here. 2. What is your family’s monthly and…

March 24, 2010
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