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Art of Money Book Birthday

Holy shmoly, you guys — the one year anniversary of my book hitting the shelves is just around the corner, on June 14th! I feeling like a proud, oh-so-grateful mama. You see, this book journey wasn’t just about writing. It’s been about meeting incredible people. Flexing my boundary-setting muscles. Being seen. Redefining success. And getting this life-changing methodology into the hands and hearts of more people than ever before. Please join me for a month-long celebration, the whole month of…

June 6, 2017
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Dear community, Happy early summer! After a winter so long, it’d make Game of Thrones blush, things are starting to feel warm and bright and spacious over here. Ahhhhh. So, I’ll keep this note breezy — and maybe even inspire you to lace up your tennis shoes and head outside. Did you know I have a podcast? (And that it’s awesome?) Yep! I shared this recently on my Facebook and Instagram, and was surprised by how many people didn’t know…

May 26, 2017
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4 phases blog post

A dear woman wrote to me a few months ago with a delightful surprise. She’d been cleaning out her closet (such a great practice for mental clarity) when, lo and behold, she came across a vintage copy of The Yogi Times from about 12 years ago. She flipped through the page, softened by the years, and stumbled across an ad from me.Here’s the miraculous bit: even though this ad was over a dozen years old, and I’d moved from the…

May 19, 2017
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