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Trade The Yin Currency I Love to Use

Imagine you’re sitting across a cafe table from a dear friend. As you tuck into your flaky, buttery croissant, you wince a bit and rub your left shoulder. She notices — of course — because she’s a massage therapist. You’ve never been on her table, though, because your graphic design business is new and cash is tight. “I know!” your friend smiles. “Let’s do a trade! You design my business cards, I give you a massage. Whaddya say?” Well ……

July 31, 2017
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Bari and Forest

Dear Community, Once in a blue moon I love to share something that’s going on in my family household…and often, it has something to do with what my hubby is up to. I’ve got a little story to tell you about him and my business, but stick with me, because there’s potentially some big help available for you if you’re building or running an online business (or even thinking about doing that). As some of you know, my husband, Forest,…

July 21, 2017
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Financial Support Team

Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about your financial support team   Please say it with me: I do not have to know everything. I can ask for help. Sometimes, getting support is the strongest, bravest thing to do.   Years ago, I was a diehard DIY’er, when it came to money stuff. Back in the early days of my Financial Therapy work, I advised everyone to keep their own books — essentially, to be their own bookkeeper…

July 6, 2017
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