Dear Community:

I am thrilled to share with you that a wonderful publisher offered me a book deal at the beginning of 2015. I’ll be writing my book, The Art of Money: A Life Changing Guide to Financial Happiness in 2015. YAY! Pre-orders will be coming in late 2015 and the book will be officially released in Spring 2016. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and I am incredibly excited to share this book with you! Read the details here.

In addition to writing my book, I will also be guiding my beloved Art of Money 2015 community this year. So, I will not be offering my private financial therapy at this time

If you would like to receive some support from me this year, here are some options.

1. Enjoy our free 7-day mini Art of Money course, called the Pocket Map(Our community loves this!)

2. Enjoy all of the free articles and content on our blog, via our home page. (They are plentiful!) 

3. Sign up to get on our Art of Money 2016, year-long money school, list, right here. We will open early bird registration in November 2015. 

4. Please know that behind the scenes, we are cooking up some new products and mini-programs! These will be released later in 2015. (We know you are going to love these!)

I look forward to supporting you with your relationship to money and all that it touches~

With my dearest, dearest wishes, 


Questions, curiosity, feedback?

We would love to hear from you! Please use the form below to connect with me, or email me directly at

As a busy mamapreneur leading an ever-growing, global conscious money movement, my heart and schedule are pleasantly full. That means:

1. While I read everything — everything — my community sends in, I’m not able to personally respond to most emails. One of my amazing team members will respond to you within 1-2 business days. I’ve chosen them with care, and know they will take very good care of you.

2. Because my community has grown so much, I can no longer hop on the phone or meet for tea to discuss my work or offer free intake/consulting sessions.

After years of offering “tea dates” and “pick my brain sessions” and “talk to me about my field over chocolate rendezvous,” I no longer offer these. My life is full to the brim, between being a mama, overseeing a whole team, teaching our Art of Money community, private clients, creating tons of free content for the site and doing my best to live a balanced, healthy life of self-care, dance, hiking, and family. 

If you’re thinking of working with me, we’ve loaded up this site with oodles of free content to support and serve you — and we’re constantly sending out new blog posts and love via the newsletter. And, if you simply need some free support, in addition to the resources on my site, send in the details of your situation to my team and we will send you some wonderful resources, guidance and love. 

I’m so incredibly grateful you’re in my community, and I hope you receive so much benefit from everything we share here! 

3. I’m ultra-choosy about my creative + professional collaborations. If you’re interested in collaborating together for interviews, guest blog posts, telesummits, etc. please click here first to read about what I will and won’t consider.

4. I’ve headed into book creation mode! And we’ve opened up to guest posting on our site for the very first time, ever. We’d love to have your voice on our site!. If you’re interested, you can see the submission guidelines here.

Thank you for your interest in this work, and taking the time to reach out! I look forward to supporting you in the best way.

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