AOM Roadshow Ep 8 – How to Turn your Money Life Into a Work of Art: My Top 6 Favorite Tools and Practices


One week from today, something big is happening.

Hundreds of people are gathering for it. From 14 countries (and counting!). Some have done it before. Others are brand-new to it. They’ve told me they’re excited, nervous, thrilled, not-sure-they’re-really-ready, and oh-so-sure-they’re ready.

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AOM Roadshow Ep. 7: She spoke the truth about growing up wealthy. Hint: it’s not as easy as you think.


Dear Community,

My little family and I are back in Boulder, safe and sound after our amazing Art of Money Roadshow adventure. What a wild and beautiful ride it was! (Check out our behind-the-scenes travelogue — with my notes and photos from the road!!…

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AOM Roadshow Ep. 6: If you knew what he knows about the Enneagram, your money life could change.


Greetings from gorgeous Santa Cruz, everybody!

Up for you today: a fantastic interview with my “soul brother,” Ben Salzman, on using the Enneagram to shift your money relationship.

But first, a loving reminder: On February 1st (a little less than two weeks away!), my year-long money school, The Art of Money 2015, begins.…

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AOM Roadshow Ep. 5: How to work WITH your Body (not Against It!) to create real money change.


Ooooh, do we have a great interview for you today!!

A couple of days ago, our Beast of an RV pulled into Dolores Park, in San Francisco.

(Yes, I’ve decided that’s her name. The Beast.)

I spread a picnic blanket and filmed an amazing interview with one of my dear colleagues (and a beloved Guest Teacher in The Art of Money 2015), Karin Robbins.…

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AOM Roadshow Ep. 4: Finally. A new way to invest for your future.


Greetings from sunny California, everyone!

Our incredible Art of Money Roadshow adventure is continuing, with a new twist for you today — that I think you’ll love.

Until now, our Roadshow episodes have featured some of our dear Art of Money students and community members.…

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AOM Roadshow – Ep 3, Part 2. Julie + Catharine and the power of money dates.


Today, our Roadshow RV pulled up in one of my favorite cities — Portland, Oregon — where we sat down with a dear couple from our Art of Money community: Julie and Catharine Buck Clarenbach.

Catharine is a Spiritual Director and six months into building her brand-new online business, and Julie offers tech setup for online businesses (in addition to her day job).…

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AOM Roadshow – Ep 3. How the Art of Money has changed one woman’s life.


For our second stop in Portland, we drove our RV to Laurelhurst Park (one of my absolute favorite places!) and sat down to chat with our dear friend, Terry Jordan.

Terry is a true healer: a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, and amazing storyteller.…

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Art of Money Roadshow – Episode 2. Maketa + Jessie Rey in Seattle


Here it is, everyone!! Our very first, unscripted-and-from-the-road video interview!!

In case you missed the news: for the next few weeks, my little family and I are on the road, filming The Art of Money Roadshow: a mini-travelogue about life, love, and money.…

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Art of Money Roadshow – Episode 1. The Journey Begins.


Let the Roadshow begin!

In this first episode, you’ll see the story of how we ended up on the West Coast in an RV, and Bari will explain why we’re doing this crazy road trip (in the middle of winter.) This is going to be an interesting, and highly beneficial, series of free tips and training over the coming weeks, and it’s all in celebration of the opening of our year long Art of Money program, which is now open for registration (we only open up the program for registration once a year.)

Sit back and enjoy this short introduction video and let Bari set the stage for what’s coming every few days over the next few weeks.…

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Have Hugs, Will Travel! Watch Real-Life Money Stories from Our RV…


Dear Community,

Oooooh, I’m so excited to let this cat out of the bag … !

In a few days, we’re packing up an RV, hitting the road, and heading out West to talk to some of our favorite Art of Moneyers!

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