Bari Tessler

Dear Community, When you’ve been thonking your head against your tax return for six hours (and four chocolate bars). When you see that Post-It on your desk that says, “stop undercharging already!” but quote your new client last year’s rates, anyway … and can’t figure out why. When you’ve been researching for months for the best place to invest all the while trying to make sure the options align with your organic-peace-loving values. When you and your sweetie keep having…

February 14, 2018
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Sonya Brewer Money Memoir

What if you could talk to real people about money? We ALL have money stories to share. Tough times and how we overcame them. Hard-won wisdom. Inspiration and soulful insights. In this intimate conversation series, I talk to real people about real money stuff. Curl up with a cuppa as we pull back the curtain. Because when we dare to speak the truth about money … amazing healing begins.   When financial “tough love” didn’t work for her, here’s what…

February 6, 2018
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Dear Community, It all starts tomorrow! Tomorrow, we throw open the virtual gates … and open the Art of Money 2018 community. It blows my mind every year when we open the program and this happens, but several hundreds of people from across the world (we already have folks from 17 different countries in this year’s program!) have said YES to a whole, gorgeous year of deep money transformation. I’ll be guiding this amazing group of people into a radically…

January 31, 2018
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