Bari Tessler

Women in the World 10th Annual Summit

BIG DEAL ALERT! Everyone, I’m so excited to announce I’ll be speaking at the 10th annual Women in the World Summit — which describes itself as “a convening of mighty women leaders, blazing activists and courageous movers and shakers who will move you with their provocative first-person storytelling and shake up your worldview” — in New York in a few weeks! For the last 10 years, the Women in the World Summit has been helping to shape opinions, introduce a…

March 22, 2019
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Why do so many people have money anxiety

Recently, a journalist asked me THE question. Again. Why do so many people have so much anxiety about money? This is probably THE money question I’m asked the most, by journalists, community members, and most anyone who hears that I’m a Financial Therapist. So … why is that? And more importantly: what can we do about it? First of all: deep breath. If you’re experiencing anxiety around money — when you sit down to pay the bills or any other…

March 18, 2019
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Art of Money 2019

Dear Community, Here it is: your absolute final, down to the wire, quickie, loving nudge: This is your last chance to join The Art of Money 2019. We’ve quietly kept our doors open to The Art of Money 2019, the past few weeks, instead of slamming them shut when the program officially began on February 1st. I take this non-traditional, non-aggressive, soft-close approach because I LOVE doing business to the beat of my very own drummer (my heart). But even…

February 19, 2019
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