Bari Tessler

Trust your timing. Not anyone else’s. Especially with money. 3 years ago, we bought our first house. I was 46 and my husband was 43. And, yep: we watched most of our peers (and people younger than us) buy homes long, long before us. We could’ve compared ourselves to them. Asked what was wrong with us, for still renting in our 40’s. (And, OK, on a few rough days, we may have.) But you know what? The timing wasn’t right…

September 18, 2018
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Dear Community, OK, so this is big! Starting today, if you head to your local Whole Foods or Barnes and Noble, you just might see my face smiling at you, in the checkout line. Yep, right there next to the miniature sea salt dark chocolate squares. I’m on the cover of this month’s Mindful Magazine! Here’s why this is exceptionally cool: 1. More than a cover. Open up the magazine and you’ll find a gorgeous, 10-page spread about my work!…

August 27, 2018
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You might know I love doing interviews — but did you know how rare it is for me to hop on for a video chat? It’s not just that I have to blowdry my hair (haha). The real reason: I tend to close my eyes during audio-only interviews, so I can really listen in and answer clearly. I have to really feel a solid connection with my interviewer to say YES to a video interview. But I didn’t have to…

August 20, 2018
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