Bari Tessler

As joyful as the Holiday Season is supposed to be, it’s no secret that it wreaks some major havoc and stress on many people — especially when it comes to money. I’ve often heard people in my Art of Money community (and beyond) say things like: The mere thought of Holiday presents stresses me out. I hate having to buy all that stuff, but feel guilty when I don’t. I was doing so well with money stuff, and then the…

December 3, 2018
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You know what gets my goat? (And not the kind of cute, cuddly goat that you’d feed graham crackers, either.) It really gets my goat, this idea that if you’re not making HUGE SWEEPING ASTONISHING CHANGES OVERNIGHT that you’re not doing enough. Maybe you haven’t heard anyone say those exact words. But this idea is there, just below the surface of our cultural conversation. Taking a gentle walk everyday isn’t enough — you’ve gotta go hardcore and pump iron 5…

November 9, 2018
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Dear Community, I’ve cleaned off my desk. Adorned it with my palm-filling rose quartz. I have some high-quality dark chocolate at the ready. (And, yes, a few tissues. Just in case!) Deep breath. Shoulder shimmies. Excitement galore. In a few short hours, we’ll gather for the very first Kickstarter call for The Art of Money 2019. (Are you in?) In our live, 90-minute group call tonight, we will kick off our journey together. I’ll share some gentle money wisdom and…

October 28, 2018
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