The Art of Money – Financial Therapy for Your Soul.

The Art of Money


Some things in life shouldn’t be rushed.

Sunday mornings in your pj’s with the kids, eating banana pancakes. A sunset stroll on the beach with your honey. That scrumptious chocolate pot de creme dessert after dinner at your favorite restaurant. Changing your relationship with money for the better…forever.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it always seems like the good things in life, the things that really matter, take time to unfold their beauty. Our relationship with money is no exception. That’s why I designed a year-long program designed from the ground up to help and support you in making big, beautiful shifts in the way you do money in your life.

This program, The Art of Money, is the culmination of 20 years of my life’s work. It opens up once a year for registration, and each time we open it, hundreds of people from more than 20 different countries come together for a journey that can change so much in their lives, because money seems to touch everything.

When we unveiled this program five years ago, it was the fullest and richest expression of my life’s work, yet. Thousands of people across the globe have already gone through the Art of Money experience with us. Now, as we prepare for our fourth year, we’re offering more support for the process of changing your relationship with money than we’ve ever offered.

The Art of Money is a year-long program with…

… a vast treasure trove of content
… support from Bari on live group coaching calls and in our private forum
… dozens of eclectic, expert Guest Teachers
… a heart-plucked team of Transformation Assistants
… an enthusiastic, oh-so-dear global community
… a comprehensive, you-can-do-it structure
… exclusive, ready-to-use resources
… access to my entire library for the lifetime of the program
… our most affordable monthly price, ever
… accountability, support, and so much love.

It’s for solo journeyers, couples, and creative entrepreneurs.
For people brand-new to this work and veteran money adventurers.
For anyone who knows (deep breath!) it’s TIME.


The Art of Money 2018 opens for registration in November 2017. Sign up below for early-bird notification when the doors open: