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Each month we send out a monthly mission with a theme, audio teachings, pdf worksheets, Guest Teacher recordings and weekly love notes.

Plus there are LIVE Q&A-Group Coaching Calls with moi + Guest Teachers. 


Overview of the Art of Money methodology


Money Healing

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Money Practices

Sample Guest Teacher Call with Jessica Regan Saltzman: 

(on Choosing a Bookkeeping Systems). 


Money Maps

Example of a pdf: Resistance to Budgets

Q&A Group Coaching Call with Bari

Each month there will be LIVE 2-hour call with me (via conference line) where I answer any questions that come in. Here’s a few quick samples of what these calls are like: 





Weekly Email Love Notes:

Each Friday, we’ll send you an extra tip, tool, or encouragement. 

Here’s an example from Month 3: Money Healing phase.

Dear Community,

We’re just a few days into Month 3 of the Art of Money experience… and this Month’s focus is on Forgiveness and Completions. If you’re looking for a way to dip your heart into this month’s material… Enjoy the 21 minute audio that I recorded for you the other day. (Its listed first in Month 3).

It’s a short, but rich, overview of the month.

Plus, I include an excerpt from the book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, which is just deep stuff .

If you’re “feeling behind” in your Art of Money journey….please give yourself the gift of listening to the Q&A call from Month 2. About 25 minutes into the call, I answer a question from someone who is “feeling behind”… and I turn this concept upside down and offer a brand new perspective on it. I’ve heard that this one teaching has been really impactful for many of you…possibly even life changing.


And, for today, I just wanted to share a simple collection of quotes on forgiveness that I find beautiful, helpful, and insightful. They’re all anonymous quotes that I found in my research notes and I hope one of these, or more, touches the just-right place inside of you for this piece of your money story. Enjoy…

“I don’t like the word “forgiveness.” It is completely barnacled with eons of piety. I prefer the word “compassion,” which means “empathy with suffering.”

“If the word is to be used, then use it as a verb, not a noun. I get a bit suspicious of people who say “I have forgiven,” as if it is something in the past.”

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, when you are ready, if you are ready, only if you are ready, and not a moment before. Forgiveness is seldom an absolution of responsibility, but it will frequently require an understanding of the motive that drove the actions.”

“I can’t say that I forgive. I somehow equate that with absolution, and we all must bear responsibility for the consequences of our actions. But I do gain perspective, and that perspective sometimes allows me to better understand the actions and motivations of those possibly needing forgiveness. I understand them better and my hurt and anger dissipate somewhat.”

“I was involved in a group once whose members had a lot of difficulty accepting the word “forgiveness.” Someone there gave a definition that was more acceptable to these members. He said that forgiving someone was not letting them off the hook. It was merely that we no longer wished them any harm. I think that’s where a lot of people get stuck — in the idea that forgiveness is a way of saying, “Whatever you did, it’s ok.” Yet the mere fact that forgiveness is required to move beyond the action is a clear indication that it wasn’t really ok.

I think those who are attempting to move on have to find a way to allow the “not okayness” and “the forgiveness” to co-exist, sometimes unhappily. This is why I agree that forgiveness is a charitable act done for one’s self. If it is done for the other, it may well become not only a manipulative act, but also one that carries a boomerang kick. We forgive, it happens again, and the burden of pain becomes ours to carry.”



P.S. Do you have a favorite forgiveness quote I didn’t include here? I’d love to read it. 


Mmmmmm…that was yummy, eh?
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