Money Memoir – Kate Swoboda

written by Bari Tessler October 12, 2013


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Kate’s one tough cookie, and her content is absolutely dynamite. In a busybusy online world, I always read her newsletters. I love how she inspires others to be courageous and live an inner revolution. And, she just birthed which is an incredible resource. Simply Great stuff!

I’m so grateful to Kate for this intimate Money Memoir. She doesn’t hold any punches here, and gets SO real about growing up poor and the challenges and silver linings that left her with. She talks about her fire to fight and gets really tender about a recent money healing ritual she concocted. Kate also shares the new money story that she is creating and living into.

About Kate 

Kate Courageous is a life coach, writer and speaker who teaches people how the practice of courage is revolutionary. Since 2009, thousands of people have visited to learn more about working with fear and practicing courage–with the core message being that when you’re trying to eradicate fear or pretend that it doesn’t exist, you’re working against yourself. Her approach is a sexy-soulful combination of intuitive spirituality with brass-tacks, pragmatic wisdom. She defines courage as feeling afraid, diving in anyway, and transforming.

Kate is the author of the Courageous Living Program and The Coaching Blueprint. She’s lead retreats in Italy and California and rocked out leading a breakout session at the World Domination Summit held annually in Portland. She’s currently at work on her first book proposal, training for endurance events, and (as always) improving her Italian.

Write: [email protected]

And here’s Kate as a young girl, which she said she would show us during the video interview above:




Ready to go deeper?


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