It’s Coming! The Art of Money, 2013.

It’s been courting me for some time now. A long time. Inklings, signs, elements. Finally: it’s (almost) here. 

The seeds have been there all along. Through eleven years of doing money work. Through all the formats I’ve played with. Through the decade ofworking as a body-centered therapist before that. This is the culmination of my life’s work. And I have never been more excited to share anything with you. 

I’m preparing to lead a money movement. 
It’s time. 
And you’re invited. 

The Art of Money 2013 

It’s a brand new experience . . . 

. . . with more content 
. . . more guest teachers 
. . . more community 
. . . more support 
. . . more resources 
. . . access to my entire library 
. . . for students new and old 
. . . AND at a lower monthly price point than I have ever offered before. 

I created it for you. My trusty team and I are sculpting away at it. Fast and furious. Steady and slow. Dancing and high-fiving. Celebrating the revelations. 

And there is so much more to come. Details, stories, goodies, parties. 

For now, there are two things to do: 

1.) Raise your hand to stay in the loop. Click here. 

2.) Add your voice: What do you want to make sure I include in this experience? We already have it mapped out, but I want to make sure I include everything you want + need. What money questions, topics, and conversations are your must-haves? Send us an email. I really want to know. 

Love + chocolate + shoulder shimmies, 

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