It’s Coming! The Art of Money, 2013.

It’s been courting me for some time now. A long time. Inklings, signs, elements. Finally: it’s (almost) here. 

The seeds have been there all along. Through eleven years of doing money work. Through all the formats I’ve played with. Through the decade ofworking as a body-centered therapist before that. This is the culmination of my life’s work. And I have never been more excited to share anything with you. 

I’m preparing to lead a money movement. 
It’s time. 
And you’re invited. 

The Art of Money 2013 

It’s a brand new experience . . . 

. . . with more content 
. . . more guest teachers 
. . . more community 
. . . more support 
. . . more resources 
. . . access to my entire library 
. . . for students new and old 
. . . AND at a lower monthly price point than I have ever offered before. 

I created it for you. My trusty team and I are sculpting away at it. Fast and furious. Steady and slow. Dancing and high-fiving. Celebrating the revelations. 

And there is so much more to come. Details, stories, goodies, parties. 

For now, there are two things to do: 

1.) Raise your hand to stay in the loop. Click here. 

2.) Add your voice: What do you want to make sure I include in this experience? We already have it mapped out, but I want to make sure I include everything you want + need. What money questions, topics, and conversations are your must-haves? Send us an email. I really want to know. 

Love + chocolate + shoulder shimmies, 

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Money can’t buy happiness, but consciousness can.

You strive to be conscious in all areas of life: relationships, spiritual practice, raising children, your work in the world. But bringing awareness into your relationship with money? Isn’t the easiest thing.

With this free course, you’ll learn how to take the wheel and steer your money life where you want it to go. You’ll come back with healing, awareness, and clarity in your bag.

Because you don’t need money to grow on trees if you plant wildflowers in your bank account.

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