Farewell Conscious Bookkeeping SALE!

Note: the Farewell Conscious Bookkeeping Sale is complete, and no longer available. Please sign up for early updates about our upcoming program, The Art of Money. 

It is with overflowing excitement, gratitude, anticipation . . . and a sprinkle of bittersweetness that I share a very large announcement (+ some gift giving cheer)!

After eleven years, after thousands of changed lives, after soulful turns and spicy twists along my entrepreneurial path …

I’m bidding my Conscious Bookkeeping programs a very fond farewell.

It’s the end of an era. I’m looking back with pride, gratitude, and bittersweet satisfaction. And I’m looking forward with overflowing excitement and anticipation. Here’s why all this is very good news for you:

. . . shoulder shimmies and drum rolls . . .

I’m throwing a huge send-off bash to celebrate + honor this potent body of work.

To retire it with oddles of good juju. To brighten the holiday season. To close your 2012 with a surefooted huzzah. To begin the next chapter in your money story.

For three days only, get 50% off my online courses! After that, they go into my vault and will no longer be available in this format. Whoa!

I am so proud of these programs, and all the offerings that have come through me under Conscious Bookkeeping — I stand by them with every fiber of my being.

And, after thinking + feeling + soul-searching long and hard, I know it’s time to lovingly clear the decks and make way for the most current expression of my life’s work.

The details:

When: This Farewell Send-Off Sale runs now through Sunday December 16th.

What:  During this time, and only during this time, you can sign up for any (or all!) of my three online Conscious Bookkeeping Self-study programs, for 50% off. You’ll get lifetime access to them — and this is your very last chance to get these in their current format:

How: Simply enter the promo code “FAREWELL” (all caps, no quotation marks) upon check out to receive your 50% discount.

Tools for Transformation Introductory Video Course
(Regularly $45, NOW: $22.50)
This 4-part video series presents my comprehensive Conscious Bookkeeping vision in lively, bite-sized morsels of transformative genius. If you’re ready for a jump start into a more conscious and fulfilling relationship with money, you won’t want to miss it!

Wake Up with Mint Course
(Regularly $65, NOW: $32.50)
You’ll get Forest’s comprehensive video training guide to Mint: the hip & handy web-based personal finance management app. You’ll also step-by-step your way through the psychological, emotional, and spiritual considerations in my Money Practice Guide, a lengthy excerpt from my Home Study Program.

The Conscious Bookkeeping Home Study Program
(Regularly $300, NOW: $150)
Self-guided, step-by-step, and comprehensive online home study course that includes class audios and workbook chapters. Charged with practical action steps, teeming with deep reflection cues, and guided by a nurturing curiosity, this course empowers you to transform at your own pace.

Choice reasons to jump into this celebratory merriment:

  • One (or all) of these courses caught your eye, but you thought, “later … when the moment’s right .. someday.” Well the time has come, my friend: this is your last chance!
  • You’re looking for that thoughtful-practical-inspiring gift for a special someone — a friend, a sibling, an entrepreneurial camrade, or a teenager stepping out into the world.
  • You’d love to gift your romantic partnership with a new, more intimate, more satisfying money relationship. Learn how to replace tense money fights with romantic money dates!

Remember, just enter the promo code “FAREWELL” (all caps, no quotation marks) upon check out to receive your 50% discount.

To celebration, giving, endings, and beginnings . . . .

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P.S. When you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to these programs — and they’ll serve you for years to come. Enter 2013 surefooted and clearheaded. Gift yourself. Gift someone else. It’s time for clarity, peace, and empowerment in your money relationship.

P.P.S. Don’t worry — I’m not going anywhere! You can still count on me for conscious-soulful-practical-unshaming money wisdom. I’m lovingly clearing the decks for the Art of Money, 2013. Stay tuned.

P.P.P.S. If you’ve already bought one of these programs — fear not! Nothing’s changing for you. When we said lifetime access, we meant it. Heartfelt gratitude to you for being a part of this community!